Formerly known as International Film Festival (Festival International du Film in French), the Cannes Film Festival was created in 1946 by Jean Zay and since then happens every year in the city of Cannes, located in France. It is the most famous film festival in the world. The Cannes Festival not only awards the best movie, including all genres, but also previews future films. The 71st edition happened during the month of May, from 8th to 19th of May, and was full of different and daring outfits, some even breaking the rules!

First of all, the dress code for the Festival was “No Flats”, meaning all women must wear high heels. With that in mind, the first thing one of the invited actress, Kristen Stewart, did was remove her high heels. Well, every woman knows that high heels hurt the feet when wearing for a long time. However, Kristen did it as a protest over the strict rules applied to the invited women. Meanwhile, other actresses chose to remain silent and show up beautifully on the Red Carpet.

One of Cate Blanchett, who was chosen as the President of The Jury for the 71st edition, outfits was a transparent and blue detailed dress, designed by Iris van Herper Couture. Her dress had so much detail and different shapes that she chose to not wear any kind of accessory, for it was not needed and could create a disturbance in the look. Meanwhile, in contrast with Blanchett’s choice, the Indian actress Sonam Kapoor chose a strapless below-the-neck off-white dress designed by Vera Wang. To go along with her choice of outfit, she chose canary yellow-coloured earrings, no necklace, and a yellow diamond ring to bring some colour to her look.

Other actresses, such as Thandie Newton, risked themselves and wore different but entrancing outfits. Thandie Newton, a British actress and lead role in Solo: A Star Wars Story, chose a costumed Vivienne Westwood gown with black male Star Wars characters printed on its fabric, however, she did not wear any kind of accessories besides a handbag. Therefore, she not only challenged fashion but also subtly made a statement about racism.

The 2018 Cannes Film Festival was made of different styles of gowns, some traditional while other bordered the limit of risks. However, it was the perfect place to watch and learn how to harmonize a look without needing to remove an aspect of the dress. Necklaces and purses were the most spared items among the outfits, while make-ups and earrings took the lead. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that sometimes, less is more. If the dress has too much detail, then you should keep the attention in it and not on your accessories.

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